Forced mode

The Forced Matrix Plan is based on a recurring payments compensation structure that has a set width and depth. So each member in the system that uese forced mode needs to pay each set period of time to prolong their membership in the system, otherwise member is deleted from the system and their account is not longer active. Although there are many variations of this compensation plan, the basic concept remains the same.

The basic structure of this compensation plan is normally identified by a simple equation that distinguishes the width and depth of the plan (i.e. width x depth). For example a 3 x 5 plan suggests you can only sponsor a maximum of 3 frontline distributors and you have the potential to earn commissions up to 5 levels deep.

Forced matrix mode is based on the periodical fees...

1. To activate forced mode you log in to admin panel and find Main Settings/Site Settings section in top menu and choose "Cycling matrix" radio button in Matrix pattern field. Save changes

Cycling matrix mode

2 Set the forced mode matrix parameters.
- Size settings section defines the width and depth of your matrix.
- Payment Settings page defines the payments terms: Period between payments, Payment period and Notification period. If you set it like in the example below the system will work next way: Members must pay once a month, every month. After a payment was done the member will have `Paid` status during 30 days. After 30 days period they will have `Due to pay` status during 7 days. If the payment is not still done during 5 days member gets notification emails. If member does not make payment even after it the system removes the member out of the system.
- Compression Matrix defines the matrix compression rule after a member is removed.
- Turn on Payment Mode if you want the system to start removing non-paid members. The system will define the date you turned payment mode on as a start up of your system. This mode requires setting up a cronjob.php in your server. It must run once a day.

MLM software forced mode settings

3 The next forced matrix settings page is Forced Matrix Levels. Let's suppose we set the levels like in the example below (pay attention that the first level must always be Free!!!):
- Cost displays the amount member need to pay periodically. For example, if a member pays $15.00 he/she gets Gold level and during the next30 days will be getting commissions from 4 lower levels accordingly the Fees you set in Fees table (see the example below). NOTE: Member can not upgrade level by making other payment within paid period!

MLM software forced mode levels

3Fee Table defines commissions members will get from lower levels:

Left column displays payee levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. As we can see, Silver members will get commissions from two lower levels, Gold - from four and Platinum - from five (all because we have 3x5 matrix) lower levels. And you can make difference between Member and Sponsor (enroller) fee.

Here you can set the commissions from payment of any member level to any upline member level. You can also differ commissions formembers placed on different physical levels of matrix and for personal enrollers (Sponsor Fee).

MMLM software forced mode fees

How does it work?

After registration and account activation members are placed into their sponsor's matrix. Then by efforts of members and their upline they fill in their downline levels.

To stay in the system members must periodically purchase one of the levels you as admin set in the system.

The higher level bought the higher commissions he/she will be getting from downline members' payments.

NOTE: There are no recycles or opening new matrices after upgrade by default in this mode. Members stay in one matrix and their income will depend only on the levels of their downliners.

Your Income Calculator

Use our calculator to count your possible income using MLM Builder script with forced matrix chosen and with different levels and commissions (all these settings are available in the software).

Use our calculator to count your possible income using MLM Builder script with cycling matrix chosen and with different levels and commissions (all these settings are available in software).